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Fairfax County Virginia Garage Door Opener Repair

We Repair Any and All Makes of Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers

General Service and Repair

Our technicians perform a full diagnostic inspection to discover the actual root of the problem before we start to fix your garage door. We show you what the problem is and how we will fix it before we even begin. You won’t find us requiring multiple visits and multiple trip charges while we guess our way through symptoms.

$125 + PARTS includes the “Trip” and all the labor, no matter how long it takes.
(*Labor to fix parts of a 2nd door: $60)

  • ✓ Lubricate moving parts
  • ✓ Adjust springs to proper tension
  • ✓ Check the safety reverse of opener
  • ✓ Tighten any loose nuts & bolts
  • ✓ Inspect for any worn or damaged parts
  • ✓ INCLUDES labor to install the parts (parts are extra)

Click here to view a list of our service areas.